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Instant Sweet and Savory Raw Mango Pickle/ Chutney (Kachi Keri no Chundo)

The nice and sunny sun decided to go on a vacation for a week from today and the cloudy gloomy weather took its place. I love to look outside the window when the sky is moody, and the bright flowers sing their own song. The best part is I take a break on a day like this for myself. No running around into a monotonous life, just sitting on my couch and lazying around in my own tranquility. I do need a break sometimes to get a kickstart and today is one such day. So for lunch, I barely was ready to put this up for lunch with Chapattis/Tortillas. This is comfort food for me. An absolute summer comfort food I adore since childhood.

If you are from India, you know how hot it gets during the peak summers especially at this time. I am from Gujarat and the sun doesn’t spare us. Last year I was visiting home in Summers, yes you heard me right. I dared to visit India in the summers of my love for Indian Mangoes. If you haven’t tasted Indian Mangoes, you are surely missing out on one of the food wonders on Earth. You might think, I am exaggerating, maybe a little, but it's true, Indian Mangoes are the best.

The Ancestral History to Eat this Pickle/Chutney In Summers

It's because we get mangoes this season. Duh! But there is a little more to this, a little more science.

One thing we know is the importance of eating right and eating seasonally. There is a significant connection between seasonal produce and how it affects our human anatomy. There is no better food for human anatomy to stay healthy than the food prepared by our ancestors, be it any country or religion around the world. If you read about it, I am sure how everything connects to science and it all just makes sense.

This Chutney/Pickle is made with shredded Green Mangoes and Red Onions. It is a simple chutney prepared with only 5 ingredients. It is highly recommended to consume more red onions in summers as it helps to maintain and soothe body temperatures. Onions produce volatile oils that help maintain human body temperature and protect the human body from heatstroke and this is scientifically proven. My grandparents used to suggest us to carry a blob of onion in our pockets during summers to keep us safe from heat strokes. And we were served this Keri no Chundo all throughout the summers with all our meals.

Storing the Pickle/Chutney

It is very simple to store this chundo. I suggest when you make it keep it in a bowl and just close it using a plate for a couple of hours or a day. It helps the jaggery to mix nicely with the mangoes and onions and tastes even better. The next day, you can transfer this chutney in an air-tight jar, refrigerate it and enjoy it for up to a week.

If you are using Jaggery Powder as I did, the chutney will be ready instantly, and you can store it in an air-tight jar, refrigerate it and enjoy.

Using Jaggery Powder really helps to accelerate the whole process and fuss-free. I will link down the links of Jaggery Powders I have used and liked below the recipe. Do check it out. It has numerous amount of health benefits too.

Keri No Chundo (Instant Sweet and Savory Mango Pickle/Chutney)

A beautiful and super delicious, quick and easy sweet and savory pickle enjoyed with Chapattis, Tortillas, All Indian Breads and Rice during summers made with concoction of just 5 ingredients and gets ready in 10 mins.

CourseSide Dish CuisineIndian Keyword10 Minutes Ready to Eat Pickle, 5 Ingredient Instant Mango Pickle, Gujarati Kachi Keri no Chundo, Keri no Chundo, Mango Chutney, Sweet and Savory Mango Pickle

Prep Time10 minutes

Servings200 Grams

AuthorAayushi Patel


  • 1 Cup Green Mango Shredded. You will need 1 big Green Mango

  • 1/3 Cup Red Onion Shredded. You will need 1 small onion approximately.

  • 1 Tsp Kashmiri Red Chili Powder

  • 1/2 cup Jaggery

  • 1 and 1/2 Tsp Salt


  • Shred the Green Mangoes and Red Onions. Place them in a plate or a bowl. Add the Jaggery Powder, Salt, and Red Chili Powder on top of it. Mix well.

  • Once mixed it should look like in the picture. The water from the onions will be released while mixing thoroughly. Transfer it to an airtight jar and enjoy it every day with all your meals.

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