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Roasted Tomato Garlic and Basil Soup

We woke up to such a beautiful cozy day today. The drizzling clouds, and the cool crisp wind. All I was longing for was to go a long drive with my babies. So, off we went on our kinda long drive, which can't be too long these days with all the baby kicks. My Luna was the happiest on this beautiful car ride. We were admiring the beauty of nature, the clouds so low that if we went up the mountains, they might pass through our faces. It was serene. A true reminder how beautiful the nature is. A beautiful picturesque beauty that I would never want to forget. I remember Luna smiling, Ajay and I in complete awe of the beauty of mountains and fall colors around us, and Baby V kicking. What a beautiful morning it was.

On our way back home we were trying to figure out what we wanted to have for lunch. I gave Aju a few options, but he instantly told me, he wants to have the good old comforting bowl of Tomato and Basil Soup, with some Garlic Bread! And there I was ready to start planning in the car. But soon I realized we were out of basil, debating on whether to stop at the grocery store nearby or not, we finally decided to stop by and get everything we needed and few things that probably we didn't need.

As soon as we entered home, I went and started to prep for the soup. I knew it that all I needed today was a Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup with lots of and lots of garlic. I started with preheating the oven and ohh the way it made my kitchen warm was blissful. The tomatoes and garlic soon went into the oven roasting its way, and the onions releasing a sweet smell as they caramelize. Oh sweet lord, I just couldn't wait to dig in the warm bowl of soup.

Recipe for this Soup

Prep Time : 7 minutes

Cook Time: 1 Hour

Total Time : 1 Hour 7 mins

Serves : 2-3 people

For Roasting Tomatoes and Garlic

  • 6 Juicy Wine Tomatoes [Cut into Halves]

  • 12 Cloves of Garlic

  • 1Tbsp Olive Oil

  • 1 Tsp Salt

  • 1 Tsp Black Pepper

For Caramelized Onions

  • 1 Large (2 Medium) Onion(s) [Thinly sliced]

  • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil

  • 1/2 Cup Tightly Packed Chopped Fresh Basil Leaves

For the Soup

  • 2 Tsp's Olive Oil

  • 1 Tsp Oregano

  • 1Tsp Red Chili Flakes

  • 1 Tsp Garlic Powder

  • 1 Tsp Onion Powder

  • 2 Cups Vegetable Broth / Water

  • Salt to taste

For the Topping

  • Heavy Cream

  • Basil Leaves

  • Red Chili Flakes

  • Freshly Cracked Black Pepper

  • Olive Oil

Steps to Make the Soup

  1. Preheat the oven at 400F.

  2. Cut the tomatoes into two halves. Place them on the baking sheet.

  3. Separate the garlic cloves. Keep the skin on. Add them to the baking tray.

  4. Drizzle the tomatoes and garlic generously with olive oil, add freshly cracked black pepper and salt.

  5. Place the baking tray in the oven, and let garlic and tomatoes roast for about 45 minutes.

  6. Now cut the onion into thin slices.

  7. In a pan add olive oil, once hot add the sliced onions.

  8. Let them caramelize slowly. You will slowly start to see them brown and will release a sweet aroma.

  9. Once the onions are nicely caramelized, add in the chopped basil and turn off the stove.

  10. The Tomatoes and Garlic should be roasted by now. Carefully take it out of the oven.

  11. Let it cool down to room temperature.

  12. Add the tomatoes to a mixer or a food processor. I used my Vitamix.

  13. Gently separate the garlic and its skin and add the peeled roasted garlic in the mixer.

  14. Next add in the caramelized onions and basil.

  15. Pulse it until smooth.

  16. Sieve the puree to get silky smooth soup.

  17. Place a heavy bottom pot on a medium low heat. Add Olive oil and all the spices listed in the ingredients list under "For the Soup" Make sure you don't burn the spices.

  18. Now add the soup to the pot, along with vegetable broth or water.

  19. Add salt, bring it to a boil.

  20. Serve and add the toppings as listed above, or any toppings of your choice.

  21. We enjoyed this hearty delicious soup with some garlic bread!

Hope you guys enjoy this recipe as much as I loved making it.

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I would love to see your creation and hear your feedback!

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